By the Numbers: The Orissa Alliance
» Orissa Mahila Milan/OSDF are active in 184 settlements
» 10,846 households deposit savings with Mahila Milan
» there are 4 Federation offices, one in each of Orissa’s main cities
» The Alliance is active in 5 cities in Orissa
» The Federation has completed slum profiles for 710 settlements
» The Alliance has been active in Orissa since early 2000.
» The Alliance has constructed 57 model houses and repaired 44.
» Federations have participated in 1085 intra-city exchanges,
Almost 1000 inter-city exchanges, and over 20 state-to-state exchanges.

Recognition by the U.D. Department to act resource organization by helping slum enumeration, housing and sanitation survey and up gradation programme in Orissa
» There is a perceptible shift of attitude of officials from eviction to inclusion and shelter as simple & only answer to deal slum issue in a city.
» UDRC/SPARC alliance’s engagement is on with BMC , CMC and PMC JNNURM/IHSDP programmes
Orissa’s mahila milan and OSDF alliance has received Ashoka Change makers Award 2007 on its experimentations on affordable Housing for poor.
» Joint survey of city slum dwellers in Orissa towns with municipal authorities(Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Puri, Paradeep)
» Award of Women of the substance to Laxmi-one of our leader from Paradeep by RYAN Foundation.
» Shantilata of OSDF leader received Subramanyam Award 09
Award Certificates of BMC
to SPARC Orissa Chapter
Award Certificates of Ms. Laxmi
from RAYAN
Award Certificates of Shantilata from Dr. Subramanyam foundation